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Welcome to the eBaum's World Photoshop Contest #102 - Unflattering Trump

Welcome to the eBaum's World Photoshop Contest #102 - Unflattering Trump

 Recently President-elect, Donald Trump, asked that all unflattering pictures of him from the campaign trail and his many years in the public eye, be removed from the Internet for good. And as many of you may know, that is never going to happen. So instead we would like to celebrate the unflattering, with a photoshop contest of our future President. 

To participate upload your photoshopped image using the UPLOAD TAB above. You can view and vote on the current submissions by clicking the SUBMISSIONS TAB above. Entries must be received before Sunday, December 4th at 11:59pm EST.



Use The Cutout To Get Started! - PRO TIP: Right click and Save As, then open the PNG in photoshop or any photo editing program to get a smoother cut-out than copying and pasting the image.




Uploaded 11/29/2016
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