This Pizza Box Will Help You Get High

The tale is as old as fast food delivery itself. You get your pizza delivered and you've got your bud handy, the movie is queued up and you're ready to have a badass night. The only problem is that you don't have any rolling papers and you busted your pipe the day before. Well fear not my friends, the world is catching up with age-old stoner problems. 


Just in time for 4/20, the creators of the "Push for Pizza" app have truly outdone themselves. The company has developed a pizza box that can help you light up. With a cut-out/fold-up pipe made from the top of the pizza box and a bowl and carb made out of the ceramic pizza table in the middle of your pie, prepared to be higher than the dude that just made your zza.  


The design was developed with Nikolas Gregory design studio and it hopefully will change the way you enjoy your half-baked takeout. 


We live in a beautiful time, my friends.

Uploaded 04/15/2016
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